Sunday Sentence.

“One inheritance of living under the male gaze for centuries is that heterosexual women often look at other women the way a man would.”

Three Women, Lisa Taddeo

There will be a few more quotes from this book for me to share.  It’s not a book I would’ve picked up, but that’s #bookclublife.  Honestly, it’s very well written and doesn’t feel like non-fiction.  Definitely worth checking out!


Sunday Sentence.

“I think we seldom regret the risks we take as much as the times we did not try at all.”

Gail Carriger, Imprudence

As much as I love Ms. Carriger, I certainly did not love this book (and the series is tedious in a strange way).  Anyway, at least there was something quotable!


Sunday Sentence.

They want me to be a doctor. I want to be the queen.”

Foul is Fair, Hannah Capin

Y’all, this book.  Given the subject material (a relatively horrific rape, not written into the book, but with plenty of references dropped in), I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the manuscript.  I’m 16% in, and am fairly certain I’m going to stay up reading this tonight.  The language is perfectly violent.  Don’t EVER underestimate young women.  They’ll come after you with a smile on their faces…

Sunday Sentence.

She felt, as she did most mornings, the deep pleasure of daily life distilled to the essentials: books, walks, spaces in which to think and work.

Home Fire: A Novel

Kamila Shamsie

Another one from my current book club novel.  I’m…not a super fan of this book.  While the writing was beautiful, I’m not sure if the construction of the story worked.  Very curious to see what everyone else says in a week!