Sunday Sentence.

I just finished In Five Years, by Rebecca Serle.  I read it for research for Counterfactual, a manuscript I should have probably put time into this year.  While reviews are mixed, I found the story an entertaining one, and the language elevated for commercial fiction.  Also, given my tendency to be up early these days, this quote stuck out to me.

Sunday Sentence.

“I am creating a social media post about a croissant that I am pretty sure will define me as a human.”

Grown Ups, Emma Jane Unsworth

After many a start and stop with novels this week, I’m getting into this novel, which has tons of funny quotes.  Hope you’ve got some good books to stay home with!


Sunday Sentence.

I’ve had this book on my shelf for awhile, to read for two projects — Counterfactual and now, I’m realizing a bit for 20 Year Reunion.  While I don’t love love the slightly strange second person style, there are some good quotes, including this one.

Read anything good recently?

Sunday Sentence.

All of the scrolling and staring was delaying her grand life plan, the one she had always had.”

Followers, Megan Angelo

Getting into this book, and there are more than a few lines that leap out to me.  The one above is one I’ve been thinking about a lot.

Sunday Sentence.

Wow!  What a book (and apologies for the extra ‘it’ up there — I couldn’t get Kindle to spit this one out correctly).  I flew through Vox in two days, and am hoping we can read it for an upcoming book club, because there is SO MUCH I want to discuss.

This could be taken from today’s headlines, but the novel imagines a not so distant future where women are limited to 100 spoken words a day.  It’s a fascinating journey and I would encourage you to check it out.

Sunday Sentence.

“One inheritance of living under the male gaze for centuries is that heterosexual women often look at other women the way a man would.”

Three Women, Lisa Taddeo

There will be a few more quotes from this book for me to share.  It’s not a book I would’ve picked up, but that’s #bookclublife.  Honestly, it’s very well written and doesn’t feel like non-fiction.  Definitely worth checking out!