A recent interview with Karen Osman.

I sat down with another Dubai based author last month, and she was kind enough to interview me about some of the books that changed my life.  Hope you enjoy!

Books and beverages.

Sorting through my unpublished drafts and stumbled across this little half-written gem from 2015.  Ahem. Funny what we find when start cleaning things up, isn’t it? This ‘time off’ has been an interesting look at the past — all those small projects which were begun, but somehow never finished.

Working backwards, the only thing I had was the title, so I’m assuming I meant to do some sort of pairing between my books and the best beverages to represent them?  Or was it supposed to mean drinks that you should make to accompany the books? Oh 2015, Courtney, y u so cryptic?

Life After Joe

Although not mentioned in the novel (at least, I don’t think it is), I feel like I should award this beverage to the departed Joe and his favorite drink, which is an Old Fashioned (although he’s also happy to enjoy an excellent vintage of Merlot).

Room 702

Fortunately, your favorite author has already created a house drink at The Winchester.  Feel free to follow the recipe, here.

The Line series // Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek // Major Pain

Gatorade.  Seriously, almost all marching band is either brought to you by water breaks or Gatorade. #gushandgo

The Queen of England trilogy

While Queen Juliette is a fan of coffee, it only seems appropriate that a steaming cup of English Breakfast or Earl Gray would be the correct pairing.

Twenty Year Reunion

Finally one I would choose!  Given the amount of private air travel, I decided that the characters would indulge in a lot of high end champagne.

Playing around on Yasiv.

Oh, the things I find on the internet…

In one of the writing groups I frequent, I found a link to Yasiv, a website that reveals similar items based on “Customers who bought this also bought…” data from Amazon.  Naturally, I had to plug in my own works.  Please see below for Life After Joe and Confessions of a Band Geek respectively (the Queen is a bit too new to have much tracking just yet).

I’m sure if I were a more intelligent author, I would look into below to develop a bit more of the demographics/habits I should be chasing after, but for now, it’s a simply a fun tool to try out!

Life After Joe

Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.

Courtney Brandt.

Day 25, Blogging Challenge: My Biggest Regret

Funnily enough, I wrote a whole essay on this, which has since been eaten by the interwebs, however, I don’t think I’ve changed my mind.  Before I give my answer, I think it’s important to note that the thought of ‘my biggest regret’ is fully what prompted me to self publish my books.  I thought if something happened to me, I would always wonder, ‘I had the ability to publish – why didn’t I?’  (It’s what drives me to always send my unpublished novels to my sister before I fly somewhere – I’m superstitious like that).

Anyway, outside of not kissing a few boys I really should have, my biggest regret is not spending at least one summer with Drum Corps International.  I think back to two of my summers in college and realize I made a huge mistake by at least not auditioning for Spirit of Atlanta or Carolina Crown.  Honestly, if I had a karmic remote control, I would go back and march at least one summer.

tumblr_nt7naudanH1rvq7qxo1_1280 (1)
Could have been me! Photo by one of my favorite marching arts photographers, John Matter.