Take Two at Mulholland High: Book club questions.

Slight spoiler alerts here.  You might want to read the book first before reading ahead.

  • What was your favorite quote or scene?
  • How did the characters change throughout the story? How did your opinion of them change?
  • Which character did you connect the most with?
  • Would you ever want to appear on a reality show?  What would be the theme of the show?
  • Does this novel pass the Bechtel test?
  • There are themes of forgiveness in the book. How would you react if you were in a situation like Ali? Would you accept Ben’s apology? Do you think Blade is worth forgiving?
  • How did you feel about the ending? What did you like, what did you not like, and what do you wish had been different?
  • Do you have any predictions for the next book in the series?
  • Of course, I’d always love to hear any additional questions you might suggest!

Take Two at Mulholland High: Numbers.

Hello! I come to you from the depths of editing Take Two at Mulholland High.

A few numbers to share with you.

  • 69,523, original word count. I knew this was going to have to change, because I (intentionally) skipped writing two chapters.
  • 72,709, first draft, after adding and subtracting a lot of words. I have a Google doc with 10 pages of cut scenes, so there was a lot of movement, including cutting a few plot lines that went nowhere.
  • 71,104, what I would consider my ‘1.5’ draft. After meticulously going through and removing a ton of unnecessary words, this was the lowest point.
  • 74,818, with added chapters and final second draft.  I’m not sure where the final draft will end up, but I don’t expect a change too much on +/- 1,000 words, which is nearly identical to the first book in the series.

I’m currently waiting to send this draft to my editor, and once back, I will have a few people read the next iteration (it’s not quite there yet). I will say this draft took longer than I thought it would, but that’s okay. I’m happy with the efforts so far (and yes, I know what the third book looks like, which may or may not get written this year).

What’s next? As Mulholland 2 was one of two books (!) I wrote last year (!!), I’m moving on to edit the sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.

And yes, the cover for Mulholland 2 is already lined up.

Casting for Take One at Mulholland High.

Given that I started this book in 2007, I’m sure my original co-author and I had specific ‘actresses’ from The Hills in mind when we were writing.  Now, (ahem) a few years later, I have a few different ideas for who I would cast as my leads for Take One at Mulholland High.  I love doing this particular experiment for all my books, and Mulholland is no exception.

Candice Accola King // Chloe Winterhaven

Obviously, she’s a bit older than a teenager now, but Ms. King circa Vampire Diaries would have been perfect!

Ali Harvist // Kacey Rohl

There is a bit of a girl next door vibe with Ms. Rohl, which I think would be perfect for Ali.  (I’ll just have to get over the eye color for now).

Nick Jonas // Ben Paulson

Floppy hair? Check! Adorable? Also, check. While obviously Mr. Jonas is a bit too old for the role now, I think he would’ve been perfect in his teenage years.

Steven Harvist // Gregg Sulkin

Although I don’t think Steven Harvist would ever smile or pose like this, Mr. Sulkin has the geeky cuteness that Steven embodies.

Blade Mathers // Florian Kampen

 Sorry, Florian, but your face has the slightly smarmy quality I am looking for in Blade Mathers.

Pepper Laughlin // Ashleigh Murray

Ms. Murray is probably the only current actress from my list who would be able to be cast, but I think she’s got the right energy to play Chloe’s best friend.


Did you picture anyone else while reading the book?  I’d love to hear your suggestions or fan cast!