Further thoughts on the iTunes experiment.

So, I was thinking a bit more last night (and also didn’t realize there was still another day of reporting, which pushes my numbers well over 3,500 copies) about iTunes.  The thing is this:  I did NO publicity.  I never once tweeted, mentioned, linked, promoted or made reference to Room 702 being free in any way on any blog, ad, website or social media.  This, of course, makes me wonder – what if I had?  Would there be 10,000 copies downloaded?  More?  Would a combination of these things have significantly increased awareness or interest in download the book for free?

 I didn’t set out with a specific goal of downloads because I honestly wasn’t sure how the book would be received.  I think I probably wouldn’t been equally happy if 500 people had downloaded it.  3,500+ seems fantastic.  

I’ve been debating the timing of listing the book for free or running a KDP select batch for Room 702 on Amazon, but haven’t been able to commit to anything yet.  Still trying to crack the code of listing the book for free as a means to get traction and / or without spending heaps of money on marketing.

What are your thoughts?

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