Sunday Sentence(s).

Although I was a bit whelmed by the book, I did enjoy some of how B.A. Shapiro described the creative process in her book.

I’m relieved, proud, euphoric. I’m exhausted, headachy, and filled with an overwhelming sense of loss.

For a moment, my troubles vanish, and pure joy overpowers me. I created this. And this. And this. My babies standing proud, bursting with life and beauty, graduating into the world, their future unknown but full of promise.

B.A. Shapiro, The Art Forger

Both quotes, to me, have everything to do with not only finishing a major creative endeavor, but also putting that project out into the world.  As someone who is not planning on having children, to an extent, my books are part of me – an extension of myself that exists beyond my physical presence.

What are your thoughts?

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